Magazine – Guitare Classique

Finally a method really adapted to the guitar education for young children! For children 6 and 7 years old and their teachers, the two volumes of “Rhymes for initiation” Michel Gracia, attach, by appropriate pedagogy to meet the specific needs, too often overlooked by traditional methods of this age. In the first volume, the use of rhymes combined with a script that takes into account possible reading difficulties younger, allows a playful approach and smooth the instrument. These rhymes are associated with exercise-games (travel all the left hand on the handle, tapping on specific cases, muffled right hand …) to begin to master without apprehension the first footwork on the instrument. Music theory concepts are introduced very progressivcmcn1 then the first notes fretted, the focus remaining always on the movement training. The second volume contains the same practices but with a change in the rating and in the difficulty suitable for children already an older year. Two really excellent books that will meet no doubt the needs of many teachers, parents and young students.